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Macintosh port

Where to get

You can download the Mac version here. However, you can only play it with a Mac Classic PowerPC.

Audio files

The audio files are hidden in the resource forks of the files in the directory AUDIO. How to extract them? Open the files in Rezilla, then export the map as XML. Then use this script to convert them to RAW. Then use Audition or any other sound editor like Audacity to convert RAW to PCM Wave. (22050Hz, Mono, 8 Bit, except 3 files which are 44100Hz). If you want, you can capitalize the file names with this script.

The comparison of the English Windows version and the English Macintosh version gives shows following:

  • Only in Windows: LB05A23NV.WAV (Patrick: Another dead end, turn around and get over here!)
  • Only in Windows: LR03L01.WAV (Silent audio file)

Movie files

Comparison of Windows directory and Macintosh directory:

Music files

No differences between Windows and Macintosh version.


Comparison of Windows directory and Macintosh directory:

Further analysis (TODO)

  1. Check for differences in the existing Movies, Music files, Art and Audio
  2. Check which Art/Music/Movies/Audio is unused, i.e. not referenced in the binary

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