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Installing Blown Away or Panic in the Park on DOSBox

Install Windows

1. Download DOS Box:

2. Create a directory on your harddrive, e.g. "C:\DOSBox"

3. Put all Windows 3.11 installation files in this directory, e.g. at C:\DOSBox\WinSetup\
	- Download Windows 3.11:
	- Download 7zip
	- Unpack all *.img files using 7zip and put all the extracted files in C:\DOSBox\WinSetup\
4. Run DOSBox and type
	mount c "C:\DOSBox"			(Note: you can unmount using MOUNT -u c )
	cd \WinSetup

5. Step through setup (Express mode)

6. Run windows and verify that everything works:
	cd \Windows
7. Exit DOSbox and open the program "DOSBOX 0.74 Options"
   (Start --> all Programs --> DOSBox --> Options --> DOSBOX 0.74 Options) and
   add the following commands to the [autoexec] section at the end of the file:
	mount c "C:\dosbox"
	call C:\autoexec.bat
	call C:\Windows\
	cd \

Install Graphics Driver

1. Download and unpack it to C:\DosBox\S3Setup

2. Start Windows 3.11 in DOSBox.

3. In the Main group, open Windows Setup.

4. Go to "Options" > "Change System Settings..."

5. In the "Display" drop down, select "Other display (Requires disk from OEM)..."

6. In the popup window, type the path to the driver files ie "c:\S3Setup" and click the "OK" button.

7. Select desired display driver, such as "S3 864 1.41B5 640X480 256 COLORS" and click the "OK" button. Restart Windows when prompted.

If the driver fails to install (and Windows won't start anymore), you can replace the driver by running setup.exe:
	cd \windows

Install Sound Driver

1. Download and unpack it to C:\DOSBox\SBSETUP

2. Exit Windows 3.11

3. Type
	cd \sbsetup
4. Step through setup
	Make sure that the Windows directory is set to C:\WINDOWS
	and the IRQ is set to 7 (not 5!)

Install Game

To install/play the game, you have 3 possibilities:

A) Use a real CD ROM:
	Put the game CD in your CD drive (e.g. drive E:)
	Then type inside DOSBox:  mount d: E:\
	After this, you can run Windows 3.11 again, and install the game using the File Manager on drive d:
B) Put everything in a single directory
	Put all CD contents in a directory, e.g. "C:\Panic" or "C:\BA"
	Then mount this directory, e.g. by typing  mount d: C:\Panic
	After this, you can run Windows 3.11 again, and install the game using the File Manager on drive d:
	Also, you can put the contents of all 3 CDs in this directory C:\Panic . Then you don't have to switch CDs anymore.
C) Use ISO file(s):
	Inside DOSBox, type:  IMGMOUNT D .iso -t iso
	(Replace  with the path of your ISO file)

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