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Blown Away Credits and Staff


A Tullman/Tennant Production

	IVI Publishing, Inc.

Designer & Developer
	Imagination Pilots

Production Financing
	MGM Interactive
	Imagination Pilots

Executive Producers
	Howard A. Tullman
	Timothy D. Tennant

	Chuck Duff

Live Action Directed by
	Ken Berris

Script Written by
	Ken Berris
	Howard A. Tullmann

Computer Programming
	Pierre J. Maloka

Video Codec & Software Engineering
	Chuck Duff

Game Design
	Julie Pokorny
	Howard A. Tullman
	Pierre J. Maloka
	Ron Clark

Creative Directory
	Doug Heinlein

Art Direction & Design
	Doug Heinlein
	Raymond Lueders

Lead 3-D Artist & Modeler
	Raymond Lueders

3-D Art & Models & Animation
	Tonya Lyle
	Michael Packard
	Thomas Glinkas
	David Carter

2-D Art & Illustration
	Tonya Lyle
	Allan Roysdon
	Terry Schmidbauer
	Ron Clark
	David Sutherland

Digital Video & Post Production
	Julie Pokorny
	Chuck Duff
	Don Shields

Sound Design & Effects
	Elliot Delman

Production Coordinators
	Phil Davis
	Mike Udrow
	Lon Tonney

Physical Set Design
	William Martin

	Jack Glasser

Wardrobe & Makeup
	Loren Berris

Casting Assistance
	Michael Lien Casting

Quality Assurance & Testing
	Phil Davis
	Daniel P. DiCaro
	Michael Downen
	Bill Freeto
	Virgil Cruz
	Ivan Sheldon

Manual Content & Design
	Carolyn Lueders

Beta Materials & Distribution
	Brenda L. Rowland

Packaging Design & Production
	Baker Associates
	Scott Baker
	Chris Everett

IVI Product Management
	John M. Wright

IVI Affiliate Label Group
	Geof Barker
	John W. P. Holt

IVI Product Testing
	Randall McClure

Public Relations
	Faiola Davis PR
	The Bohle Company
	Figel, Inc.

The cast members of the interactive game Blown Away included
	Jimmie F. Skaggs (Justus),
	Juliette Deinum (Robin),
	Joseph Latimore (Patrick),
	Janna Michaels (Lizzy),
	Paul Ely (Sam),
	Peter Iacangelo (Phone Guy),
	Stephanie Cushna (Nurse),
	Redmon Glesson (Police Chief),
	Alec Murdock (Newscaster),
	Michael Alaimo (BombSquat Driver),
	Chris Curry (Homeless Guy),
	Tamara Clatterbuck (Tunnel Lady),
	Len Donato (Secret Service),
	Billy Long (Secret Service),
	Gene Wolande (Tunnel Crook)
Live action sequences were filmed at Image G Studio City, California.

In its theatrical release, MGM's Blown Away
was directed by Stephen Hopkins from a story by John Rice &
Joe Batteer & M. Jay Roach, screenplay by Joe Batteer & John Rice.
Select minor portions of the music used in the interactive game
are based upon and drawn from the original film score by
Alan Sylvestri. We are grateful to Trilogy Entertainment Group,
the producers of the film, and their entire staff for their
assistance and support throughout the creation of the interactive game.

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