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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Blown Away doesn't run on my computer/VM

You can find more information here

2. Can I play the game without CD?

Yes. You have to copy the contents of the CD on your harddisk, and change the paths in the Config.ini file.

The Blown Away Launcher, which was developed by me, can help you with this task.

The Launcher can copy the contents onto your harddisk, and let you configure the fullscreen video move.

Copy the BALauncher.exe into your BA directory (in most cases C:\BA), and then create a link onto your desktop, if you want to use the Launcher regularly.

3. Questions about the game (spoiler alert!)

3.1 How do I buy the newspaper from the homeless person?

You have to click (anywhere) in the moment when he is holding the newspaper into the camera. Don't be confused about the fact that you don't see a mouse cursor.

If you are in window mode, you need to click at the block border around the video, not in the video where the newspaper is.

If you buy the newspaper from the homeless person, he will unlock the door in the tunnel for you.

3.2 Why does the detonator explode after I enter the correct code?

Detonator #1: You must not click the blinking middle button after entering the correct code. Just wait.

Detonator #2: After entering the same code as the first detonator, wait until your daughter counts to zero. Press the button in the center at exactly the moment the timer is at zero.

3.3 At the train game, why are the trees miss the wagon so often?

You need to switch the wagons more often. As long as a wagon is shaking, no log can land inside it.

4. (Only German version) Bei manchen Räumen ist das Bild abgeschnitten oder schwarz

Im Tunnel und im Spielzeuggeschäft gibt es einen Fehler in den Bilddaten. Deshalb ist das Bild abgeschnitten.

Zusätzlich wurden bei der Zensur der Ausgabe für die ALDI-Spielebox einige Videos beschädigt, weswegen der Bombvan, Patrick's Raum und Sam's Raum schwarz dargestellt wurden, und man blind klicken musste.

Ein von mir entwickelter Patch behebt dieses Problem.

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