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Cheats and Glitches

Cheat to skip any puzzle

Press Ctrl+W to solve a puzzle. (You will get 0 points for that puzzle.)

This works for all puzzles, except the concentration game (this puzzle can't be lost anyways).

This cheat is described in a file called CHEAT.TXT which is only available in the censored German edition (ALDI Spielebox).

Cheat for sequence skipping to Sam, Robin and Patrick

In the living room, you can click at a very specific spot at the hat-stand left to the cabinet (the mouse cursor does not change, but clicking makes a sound).

This enables a cheating-mode where you can warp to Sam, Robin or Patrick by clicking on the portraits in the cabinet. Additionally, all 3 variants of the Video poker will be marked as solved (so you can now begin collecting the clues)

This cheat is shown at this speedrun by Frank Minichini.

Note, that this cheat-mode will be kept, even if you load a savegame. It is only reset when you restart the game (restart via menu is enough).

The cheat-mode will not be written in your savegame file, however, the solved Video poker variants will be saved.

Sequence skipping glitch

The warping glitch happens if the game tries to jump "back" to a previous screen, e.g. if a puzzle is exited or a video has ended, and the previous screen was the menu screen.

This can happen at:

  • Living room: TV tape, Wall pictures, Video poker
  • Tunnel: Word game, 34 game

How to exploit it: Before you enter the puzzle, go into the menu and then go back to the game. The game now remembers that the menu was the "last screen". Start the puzzle, and exit it. Instead of going back to the last position, you get back to the "last screen" which is the menu. In this menu, the buttons will warp you to various locations, because the game is now confused about the current state of the screens/rooms.

Known warp locations:

Living room

Video Poker
TV Tape/Credits
Patrick wall picture
Robin wall picture
Sam wall picture
Lizzy wall picture
	Exit - Menu "LOAD" warps to Toystore (if hostage is already rescued: Sam's room explodes, but he is still marked as rescued)
	Exit - Menu "SAVE" warps to Laboratory (if hostage is already rescued: Running through hallway)
	Exit - Menu "RESTART" warps to News Agency (if hostage is already rescued: thermal maze)
	Exit - Menu "END GAME" warps to Video-Poker
	Exit - Menu "BACK" warps to Cabinet
	Exit - Menu "MGM" warps to Patrick Wallportrait video
	Exit - Menu "OPTIONS" 1 warps to Large missile explodes in living room
	Exit - Menu "OPTIONS" 2	warps to Hint paper at the living room table
	Exit - Menu "OPTIONS" 3	warps to Credits (TV tape)
	Exit - Menu "OPTIONS" 4..19 warps to Menu


	Exit - Menu "LOAD" warps to Slider puzzle
	Exit - Menu "SAVE" warps to Menu
	Exit - Menu "RESTART" warps to Justus's room!
	Exit - Menu "END GAME" warps to 34-game
	Exit - Menu "BACK" warps to Word-Game
	Exit - Menu "MGM" warps to Tunnel
	Exit - Menu "OPTIONS" 1..19 warps to Tunnel (4..19 not checked, I just assume it)

This glitch is shown at this speedrun by Frank Minichini and independently also found by me some years ago.

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