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Unofficial patch by Daniel Marschall

The current patch, version 1.0 corrects a bug in the Sidewinder puzzle, where 3 holes are not working. (The ressource GSWSMASK inside PANIC2.ART was corrected)

Sidewinder Bug

I am not aware of other bugs in the game. If you encounter a bug, please tell me and I am happy to include an appropriate bugfix in my next release.

Download unofficial patch 1.0

Other bugs to fix manually

There is another bug: When you play using CD2 or CD3 and come back to the main screen (park entrance), the sound file that remind you of idling is missing, since it is only on CD1.

Solution: Copy the content of all 3 disks onto your harddisk and change the paths in the config.ini accordingly. Now copy the file CMGANB1.WAV into the SOUNDS2 and SOUNDS3 directory, or merge the directories into one big directory.

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