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Compatibility issues

The games Blown Away and Panic in the Park have big issues in regards to compatibility, even on older Windows 95 systems.

If the game keeps crashing, please make sure that you have tried following:

  • Please run the game at Windows 95 or Windows 98. It might not work Me. If you have no native machine, you can try a Virtual Machine.
  • Please set the Graphics Hardware Acceleration to level 0 or 1, but not to 2 or 3.
  • Please do NOT install the Virtual PC 2007 Addons
  • Please copy the contents of the CD to your hard disk and edit the Config.ini
  • If nothing helps, please try to disable Fullscreen mode in the Config.ini file.

If it is still not working, you can try setting up a Virtual Machine. I have described how to setup a DOSBox as well as a PCem Virtual Machine. The games both work perfectly on these machines.

Please also see my test results for other VMs / computers.

Users are reporting that the game crashes on Windows 95/98 as soon as the Shuffle Puck game is started. I couldn't reproduce this issue on my computers/VMs (PCem, VirtualBox, VMware, Virtual PC and IBM thinkpad T21 with WinMe). However, if this bug affects you, you can either try it on a Windows 3.11 machine, or edit your savegame with an hex-editor.

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