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Sequence plan

Complete Run:

99+00	Intro
01-07	Title Screen / Gimme the full story!
08	He makes a first move!
10+13	He plans a vigorous assault later on!
20	The hairball takes advantage of the situation!!
21+23	Our heroine declines the disgusting proposal!
24+25	John heroically dashes off to save Jane!!
27+29	Jane rejects the power.
30	I want the Hollywood ending!!
32	I wanna see just who's behind this!! Gimme the credits!!

Alternative Routes:

09+13	John pursues Jane
11+13	Jane makes a move on him!


12	Meeting has to wait!
15+16	Thresher finds a job for Jane after all!
17+18	Thresher turns poor Jane away!!
22	She'll do anything to get the Job??!!
28	John distracts Thresher from the chase!!
26	Jane goes for it!!
31	Gimme something completely different!!

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