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Trivia (3DO version)

  1. In the Opera filesystem of the 3DO-CD-ROM you will find the folders "miketest" and "tuntest". "Miketest" contains the scenes SC00 till SC13, while "tuntest" contains scenes SC15 till SC32. Since the developers of the 3DO-versions are Michael Chang, Jason Chen and Tun Huang, it is likely that "miketest" are the scenes which were developed by Michael Chang, while the scenes in "tuntest" were developed by Tun Huang. (What did Jason Chen do all the time?) The scene folders of Mike and Tun have different structures, for example, Mike named the pictures "SC01_15P.CEL" while Tun named the files "SC0115cel". Also, the decision thumbnails are located at different sub-folders. It is a bit strange that the folders are named "test" - it looks like the whole game was just a big test...
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