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Technical stuff


(German or English)

ART file packer/unpacker tool

For Blown Away, Panic in the Park, Eraser, Virtual K'Nex and Where's Waldo?

View sourcecode (written in C)

Download full package (Linux binaries, Windows binaries and Source code)

Download packer executable for Windows

Download unpacker executable for Windows

Unpacker syntax


ipe_artfile_unpacker -v -i INPUT.ART -o outputFolder


-i Input Art file

-v Output verbose information (-vv more verbose)

-o Output folder (must exist)

Packer syntax


ipe_artfile_packer -v -t pip -i inputFolder -o OUTPUT.ART


-i Input folder

-v Output verbose information (-vv more verbose)

-o Output ART files

-t Game type (ba, pip, waldo, waldo2, eraser or knex)

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