Generate a UUIDv1


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Your input:                      3c4288d2-1ce6-11ef-9140-4cf95d479851

Various notations:

URN:                             urn:uuid:3c4288d2-1ce6-11ef-9140-4cf95d479851
URI:                             uuid:3c4288d2-1ce6-11ef-9140-4cf95d479851
Microsoft GUID syntax:           {3C4288D2-1CE6-11EF-9140-4CF95D479851}
C++ struct syntax:               { 0x3c4288d2, 0x1ce6, 0x11ef, { 0x91, 0x40, 0x4c, 0xf9, 0x5d, 0x47, 0x98, 0x51 } }

As OID (ISO/ITU-T 128 bits):     2.25.80099146394322193533377507047886002257
As OID (Microsoft):              1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554.15426.35026.7398.4591.37184.5044573.4692049
As OID (Waterjuice 2x64 bits):
As OID (Waterjuice 4x32 bits):
As OID (Waterjuice 8x16 bits):

Interpretation of the UUID:

Variant:                         [0b10_] RFC 4122 (Leach-Mealling-Salz) / DCE 1.1
Version:                         [0x1] Time-based with unique host identifier
Timestamp:                       [0x1ef1ce63c4288d2] 2024-05-28 11:34:25'0823890 GMT
Clock ID:                        [0x9140] 4416
Node ID:                         [0x4cf95d479851] 4C-F9-5D-47-98-51

In case that this Node ID is a MAC address, here is the interpretation of that MAC address:

Input:                           4C-F9-5D-47-98-51
Type:                            EUI-48 (Extended Unique Identifier)

EUI-48 or MAC-48:                4C-F9-5D-47-98-51
EUI-64:                          4C-F9-5D-FF-FF-47-98-51 (MAC-48 to EUI-64 Encapsulation)
                                 4C-F9-5D-FF-FE-47-98-51 (EUI-48 to EUI-64 Encapsulation)
                                 4E-F9-5D-FF-FE-47-98-51 (MAC/EUI-48 to Modified EUI-64 Encapsulation)
IPv6-Link-Local address:         fe80::4ef9:5dff:fe47:9851
Administration type (U/L flag):  [0] Universally Administered Address (UAA)
Transmission type (I/G flag):    [0] Unicast (Individual)

IEEE OUI (MA-L):                 0x4CF95D
Vendor-specific part:            0x479851
Registrant:                      HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD
Address of registrant:           No.2 Xin Cheng Road, Room R6,Songshan Lake Technology Park
                                 Dongguan    523808