How to run Lighthouse on newer systems

I tried to install "Lighthouse" from Sierra (1996) on my new Windows XP system and then following "message" appeared (see picture on the right). I couldn't find a solution in the internet, so I published this manual.

My solution

Delete the file „C:\SIERRA\LIGHTWIN\SIERW5.EXE" and copy the the file „SIERW.EXE" into the directory. Then you rename it into „SIERW5EXE".

Alas, No-CD Patch not possible

At the beginning, I had a information about a no cd patch at this manual. But I made a mistake.

With the simple editing of it is not possible to create a no cd patch for Lighthouse! I firstly tried the technique that I knew from Sierra's King's Quest 7: Redirecting the paths in from CD: to C: and copy the CD's data to the hard disk. But this doesn't work in Lighthouse, because the SCI3-Interpreter has a bad coded cd detection:

There are 2 files for the 2 CDs: SCIRES.001 and SCIRES.002. The 001 file identifies CD 1, the other file identifies CD 2. The big problem is now, that the game searches for the first occur of SCIRES.0??, when a CD is needed. Windows delivers now the first file it finds. This could be SCIRES.001 or SCIRES.002. But in each case the other file will never be delivered, so the game thinks, that the desired CD is not inserted. A better behavior would be, if the game searchs directly for SCIRES.001 if it needs CD 1 and SCIRES.002 if it searches CD 2. But this would need a cracked version of the game. Another possibility would be to unify the 001 and 002 resource files. But even after very long research I had no success with the decryption of the SCI3 resource structure. Until yet, there are only tools or publications available which deal with the SCI1 structure. SCI2 and SCI3 is still a big quest for me.