Filter Factory - Technical Analysis and Inofficial Patch

by Daniel Marschall

Filter Factory is a plugin for Photoshop which was developed by Adobe in 1994/95 is one of my favorite plugins.

Over the past years, I have analysed and extended this plugin, and have also found undocumented functions.
My patch contains a lot of bug fixes and a few other improvements, and it also extends the maximum code size of user scripts.

Please note that this page is only about the Photoshop plugin for Windows. Filter Factory also exists for Adobe Premiere and for Macintosh. I have not further analyzed or patched these.


Download inofficial patch version 3.1.0 for Photoshop/Win32 (based on version 3.0.4)

Download original/unpatched Filter Factory 3.0.4 for Photoshop/Win32

Download Filter/Transition Factory for Premiere and Macintosh (not further analyzed or patched)

How to install

To install the plugin, copy the 8BF-file into the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop ....\Plug-Ins\Filters and then restart Photoshop.


If you run a modern version of Windows:

If you run 64 bit:

If you run Windows 3.11:

If you run a non-Photoshop product (which is compatible with Photoshop plugins):

General issues:

It appears that Filter Factory does not work on some systems with Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you know more, please contact me.


Functions (also conains a few undocumented functions!)

Known bugs, limitations and incompatibilities

List of all functions

Technical analysis

Links to other good pages and tools

Filter Factory Programming Guide by Werner D. Streidt

Filter Foundry is an OpenSource remake of Filter Factory. It should be fully compatible with FilterFactory. I have contributed a lot of features and bugfixes to this project.

If you enjoy creating Filters, you might also want to check out FilterMeister and FilterFormula.

PluginCommander has some nice functionalities like converting FilterFactory filters


You can contact me at daniel-marschall(at)